Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cooking Class

The three oldest boys were able to take a fun cooking class last week. It was organized for our homeschool group with "Chef Paul" at a really nice restaurant in the area. They were excited about it seeing as they all love to help me out in the kitchen and haven't had as much of a chance lately. It is a series of classes and this one was making cookies and candy -- a favorite thing for children to make! There were two sessions and so my boys were in the 6 - 9 year olds.

They had so much fun and I really enjoyed myself! The class was very well organized and there were tables set up for a group of 5 or 6 children with a Chef at each station. The parents sat on the side and watched and were served coffee or water if desired. Chef Gary was at the table with my boys and interacted so well with them. The children each received a chef hat and had fun pretending to be a chef. They made sugar cookie candy canes, chocolate covered candy using a plastic bottle to squirt the chocolate over oreos and pretzels, and sand-art brownies in a jar. After the class the boys were no longer hungry for lunch as they had munched quite a bit on their creations. We are looking forward to the next class in January, breakfast foods! George is thinking he may want to be a chef when he grows up. Sounds good to me!

Rolling out sugar cookie dough to make candy canes with Chef Gary

George working on his candy cane cookie.

Re-Pete covering pretzels and cookies with chocolate.

Pete with his sand art brownie mix.

1 comment:

sahmto4orMore said...

That looks great!

What a neat opportunity for your little men.

My guys like to cook, too, and look forward to their turn as Mom's kitchen helper.

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