Saturday, November 24, 2007

Doctor Appointments

I mentioned in another post that my incision was opening up a bit and I did end up going to the doctor as it had opened at both sides. As it turns out my body was rejecting the stitches and so he ended up snipping the knots that were trying to work their way out. I was very thankful that nothing was infected and now that the knots are gone the holes are healing up. I had been a little concerned after searching online and finding all sorts of things that could be wrong. Not to mention that having small holes in my incision was disgusting to me. George wondered if I could see all the way into my body. My doctor was very reassuring and told me to come in as often as I need to until things are healed up and he would clean up the wound and make sure it wasn't infected. Seeing as everything seems to be on the mend I haven't gone back.

Baby Boy also had a check-up this week. He is starting to fill out more and is now at 9# (he came home two weeks ago at 7# 10 oz.) Before our doctor came in I began nursing Baby seeing as he was quite hungry. He is extremely noisy and so when Dr. Renee came in she asked about that. I mentioned that I hadn't had one this noisy before and she said it was not normal. She had me continue to feed him as she watched and listened to his lungs. The noise is kind of a loud squeak. His breathing looked labored which I realize it always does when he eats and so she had us take him for chest x-rays right away. Thankfully his lungs were clear but she had a call into an Ear/Nose/Throat doctor.

They think Baby has something called Laryngomalacia which is an extra flap of skin in the trachea or something along those lines. This would cause him to struggle to breathe while eating and also why he falls asleep as soon as I nurse him on one side and am unable to wake him easily to nurse on the other side (even with a diaper change in-between). He is getting worn out from working so hard. So we will need to see a specialist at Children's hospital an hour away to find out how severe it is and if it needs to be fixed or if Baby will outgrow it. Thankfully he is growing so it isn't affecting him that way and he only has this problem when nursing. We will hopefully find out more in the next week or two!

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