Saturday, November 17, 2007


Our Baby Boy is 2 weeks old and the dynamics around here again have changed. While I love to have a new little life in the house it is such an adjustment for everyone to make. Thankfully the other children have handled it well this time around. I wasn't so sure how Tank and Missy Blue would re-act but am so thankful for how loving and gentle they are with Baby. Both of them search out the baby first thing when they awake and periodically throughout the day. They love to watch him and rub their faces against the baby to feel his soft cheek against their own. It is quite sweet.

The older boys aren't phased much as they have been through this all before. Although, George forgot how much babies can cry. On the way to church the other night baby was crying quite a bit and George wondered if I couldn't give him something to suck on to stop the crying as it was too noisy! He is a good help though, especially since I am restricted from lifting over baby's weight for 6 weeks. I am thankful for my parents and sister who have taken turns helping me out every day for the past two weeks, even though it is hard at times to not have my house to myself.

I am recovering and wish my energy would return faster than it is. I must have overdone things a bit as my incision was irritated and opened a bit.  I guess that is my sign to just sit down despite the fact that things don't get done. Oh, how hard that is! Baby is sleeping well and wakes every 3 to 4 hours to eat. When I was still pregnant I would be unable to sleep for hours at a time but yet would feel good during the day. Now however, waking in the night to nurse a baby, I am easily exhausted during the day. I know I had surgery which doesn't help but how I long to have the energy to keep up with my family! It seems this is just one more thing to help develope patience in me.

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sahmto4orMore said...

What a precious picture!

I'm glad to hear they are adjusting well to the new baby.

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