Friday, December 29, 2006

Mind Games

Rush Hour Game

Have you played any of the Rush Hour games? My three older boys have enjoyed playing Rush Hour at their Grandma's house and so she got them each one for Christmas. They each received a different version that they had circled in a catalog. "Repeat" thought he would like the Junior version based on how it looked but "George" and "Pete" have more difficult versions where the recommended age is 8 to adult. It turns out that the Junior version is too easy for "Repeat" but is just right for ME!

I tried the Deluxe Rush Hour game last night and got stuck on one of the Beginner cards. I tried for quite awhile to solve the puzzle before "Repeat" said that he would help me. He came over, took a look at the board, got a knowing look on his face,  and started to move the pieces. "That was easy Mom!" Okay, now my almost 5-year old can solve a puzzle that his Mom is stumped on. Wow! I decided to try his Junior version that he has gone through all 30-some cards of already and declared "too easy!" I was able to go through most of them easily but the Expert cards were a little more of a challenge. But that is the game made more simple for the 6 - 8 year olds! I guess I need to work on challenging my mind a little more often!  The boys sure feel good about themselves though!

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MaryBeth said...

Enjoyed your comments, and also was thrilled to find you and your adorable family here at HSB. Keep up the blogging and I will keep checking back!

Love your photos of your kids-- they are adorable!

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