Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Update -- 34 Weeks

Here we are at 34 weeks already and wow am I feeling it!

No picture at the moment. I did get one taken but my chalkboard still had Katie's birthday msg. on it. I was going to do some photoshop magic but no time for that.

How far along? 34 weeks

Due Date: December 3rd (c-section will be Nov. 26)

Weight gain:  40 pounds. I know I loose it fairly quickly but it sure does weigh me down now.

Maternity clothes? Of course mainly all maternity clothes. I am trying to do more with cardigans and things that are normal size with a maternity shirt under as I don't want to keep buying clothes I'll only wear another 5 weeks. I realized I don't have a jacket that covers my belly so when outdoors most of the day Saturday in the chilly air I wore layers upon layers of shirts and sweatshirts.

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks are in full force. I have had them periodically for quite awhile now but lately they have really increased in intensity and frequency and can be strong enough that I have to make sure to breathe. I explained to the kids that my uterus is practicing because it doesn't know it isn't necessary. :)

I feel so heavy it is hard standing up from sitting and getting in and out of a vehicle, especially our big van. My feet and ankles are swollen and now even in the morning. Thankfully I did find some shoes at the thrift store that should hold me over. Being that this didn't happen with my last couple pregnancies that I recall my doctor blames it on my age. Lovely. He seems to bring up my age an excessive amount which is getting a little annoying.

Movement: Little girl is making big body movements now and we can see when an elbow or knee is sticking out as it is like a little triangle poking out of my belly. And wow, when she wants to rearrange positions she really moves enough so that it occasionally startles me. Still so fascinating I never tire of watching her.

Food cravings: Love food of any kind. But my appetite has waned and I get heartburn almost as soon as I put something like tomato sauce in my mouth so it isn't quite as enjoyable.

Food aversions:  Nope.

Have you started to show yet: Yes, it looks like I should have her tomorrow.

Belly Button in or out? Out.

Wedding Rings On or Off?  Off

Medical Information: All is well. I measure at least 1 week ahead each time but that is how I always am. Doctor keeps considering sending me for a growth ultrasound which seems crazy to me since obviously growth is going on. But you know -- my age! I am one year shy of the requirement to have one. He will let me know in two weeks what he decided but hopefully leaning toward no since my pregnancy has been so low risk.

Misc. Info: Having a hard time coming up with a girl's name. You wouldn't think it should be this hard being that I have only named one girl. Funny thing is we had a boys name all ready to go (it was my second choice last time and John said I could use it this time if a boy). I am probably too particular and don't necessarily want a name in the top 20 (love that social security website!) But yet I want it to be a name to fit with the other kids, especially her older sister. And while I like a number of "M" names they just don't sound right with our last name. Also a few "S" names I like but since the last two boys start with that letter I have enough trouble keeping them straight. Names with "E" are what I like best. And John, as always won't talk about it until right before. I should be used to this by now. :)

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