Friday, April 6, 2012


Here are a couple of things we've been up to this week in preparation for Resurrection Day. I have wanted to do a full Passover Sedar meal for the past few years and didn't want to put it off any longer just because I didn't have all of my ducks in a row so we did an abbreviated version added to our normal supper. But the children got the idea and Tank asked if we could celebrate the Passover every year. They especially enjoyed the unleavened bread.

Today for Good Friday we made cross lollipops out of Jolly Rancher candy an idea I probably saw on Pinterest. I have seen other versions of this before but really liked the crosses for today and the kids all enjoyed making them and giving them out as well.




Anonymous said...

That's really neat how the cross reflected on Missy's shirt. Did you plan it that way? Wouldn't surprise me if you did.


Kidcraze said...

My kids love the Matzah bread, too. It is such a meaningful service, glad y'all got to do a bit of it.

Love the lollipops! They look so pretty in the sunshine.

Keri Mae said...

Those lollies are beautiful. I'm so down (physically) that my preparations are minimal. My 14 year old took charge thankfully and has gotten out all of the decor, etc.

I love your scrapbook-y header; it always looks so nice.
And I enjoy the music, too.

Time to get up (ugh) and cook up some breakfast. Have a lovely Resurrection Day! It is still a wonder to me, truly.

With love,
Keri Mae

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