Monday, April 30, 2012

Meeting the Duggars

One of our favorite shows to watch on television (one of the only ones I watch) is 19 Kids and Counting with the Duggar family. We have been watching from the early days when they only had 14 or 15 children and in those first few shows I remember George praying and asking God that we would have 12 or more children because he thought a big family looked like a lot of fun.

The thing I appreciate most about the Duggar's show (their real life) is how authentic they are and how boldly their faith is proclaimed. It isn't edited out and they freely talk about God in each episode. We have laughed along with them and in the season finale we (a few of us) cried along with them as they grieved the lose of their baby at 19 weeks. But they continued to praise God through it all and showed yet again how precious life is at any point in time.

I especially am encouraged by Michelle Duggar as she mothers these children and never in anger. I know how unfortunately quick I am to snap at my own children but have only seen her speak in a gentle and quiet manner. In an episode where it was Q&A a question was asked of her about getting angry and I was so convicted as she explained how speaking in anger will tear down a child which I know to be true.

I know that many people do not like this family and I know some close to me think they are strange or why would they have so many children especially after her last one had so many problems. Oh those kind of accusations grate at me as who are we to judge. God is the giver of life so why should they say no to any of His blessings?


I could go on and on about this family, who of course I don't know but feel as if they are good friends of mine. But, we had the amazing last minute opportunity to meet this family as they campaigned about 30 minutes away from us earlier this month. We were all quite excited about this and wondered how it would be to meet this family we have watched on television. Indeed I think that feeling was in the air as many people waited at the church for their large bus to arrive. And as it pulled into the parking lot people were on their feet and crowding the windows. As we saw the first Duggar enter the door it was a surreal feeling.


The whole family was not able to be there as Michelle stayed home with some of the little ones and a few older children had jobs back home. But we saw Jim Bob along with 10 of the children who performed musical pieces on stringed instruments, piano, and acapella singing. Jim Bob then gave a background on their life and decisions they had made over these years. We were then thrilled to have a time to get autographs and meet them. Our boys even got into it going to meet the boys who are their ages getting pictures taken with them and collecting signatures.

Luke with Jer
Pete with one of the Duggar twins

Re-Pete with one of the Duggar twins
What a great opportunity and one that we will not soon forget!


Kidcraze said...

How exciting!
I'm so happy for you that y'all had that opportunity.

Michelle said...

I pray each morning to use soft gentle voices with me kids. I'm not perfect and I have been raising my voice quite a lot. I can tell because the oldest girl has been raising hers. I cringe everytime. It just leads me with more conviction to try harder and pray more!

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