Tuesday, April 10, 2012

7 Months Old

Baby Boy you are now 7 months old (I know I'm late yet again) and what a month of accomplishments! You are changing more and more each day. Would you please slow down just a bit?


This month finds you not changing in size very much although I wonder if you need to move up a size in diapers seeing as you seem to leak more often lately. The package says up to 28 pounds and I know you aren't there yet so we'll see. You are comfortably wearing 12 months size clothes.


You cut your first tooth which makes your sweet grin even sweeter and your second bottom tooth is just about to poke through also. You were a bit crabby but putting clove oil on helped soothe the pain.


You are more on the move although not officially crawling but pulling yourself up on your arms and then lunging forward flopping onto your belly. It certainly gets you where you want to go and fast. The only place you can scoot around is in the living room as it is the only carpeted room. Back to the days of making sure there is nothing on the floor which is not an easy task around here!


You are very active and one of your favorite things to do is play in your exersaucer and spin and spin in circles by pushing off with your feet until you get a bit dizzy and then stop. Crazy baby. We can't recall any of your siblings ever doing that. You also like to rock it back and forth, back and forth while squealing with delight.

You had your first taste of food right as you turned 7 months. I typically like to wait awhile to start solids but seeing as you cut your teeth and don't sleep the greatest I thought maybe you aren't getting enough food so thought we'd try it. So, you get a mashed up banana daily and we may introduce a few new things but I want to take it slow being that you seem to be such an allergy baby. You aren't overly excited at this point.
first foods

Your nap routine is not so good. I am sure there are a lot of factors that play into that with being sick so often and little hands trying to soothe a crying babe but we are working on that. I have always followed the thinking that a baby has not had enough rest unless they wake happy which you do very rarely. You most often wake up screaming after 30 minutes into a nap and obviously that is not enough for your little body and then you are awake for a short time before becoming grumpy again. I am very thankful that you sleep through the night as that is most important but it sure is hard to accomplish anything during the day at this rate.

But when you are awake you are quite the happy boy, especially when someone is entertaining you.


Your babbling has increased which now includes the sound "da" and so your brothers and sister said your first word will be "daddy" which I know he would enjoy. 


And so another month has flown by. I love these pictures of your happy grin but right now I hear you screaming awake yet again while one of your brothers goes to pat your back. Oh, little baby you need to learn to sleep! But we certainly do love you and can't imagine life without you.


Heather said...

That smile is infectious! And, I just want to "pet" his little bald head!!!!

Kidcraze said...

He is so very precious!

It sounds like he is going to be a very active and busy little boy....good thing he has so many siblings to help keep up with him :)

Great job on the photos, Amy! You got some gorgeous shots of your little man.

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