Monday, February 7, 2011

Packers Win!

I sound like a sports nut with a post title about a football game. But alas, somewhere along the way this season I became hooked to watching the Packers. What is a girl to do when the house full of boys enjoys playing the game, watching the game, collecting the football cards? I figured that I should really give the game a chance.

I grew up watching my Dad watch the game since he not only watches, but seems to be playing right along with the team moving from side to side. He is fun to watch but I never thought football was quite so fun. John has always watched too but I just never gave it a chance. As the boys are getting a bit older they now enjoy sitting with their Daddy cheering for their favorite team and I really wanted to be with them and enjoy the game too. So, I began to sit and watch the games and this was the perfect time to start because I have boys that can explain things to me in simple terms that I understand. And having football card collections around the house I hear players names thrown around and am learning who is who on which team.

Having more of an understanding really goes a long way to enjoying a football game! Now when I watch the Packers the boys would tell me not to scream so much and I tell them to cheer more. I do find some of the rules annoying and the game sure can get frustrating but the point is we are all watching as a family. I am not off doing my thing while the guys do theirs.

And so, last night we watched the Superbowl with all of us on the edge of our seats and cheered our Packers on to victory!!!

I then thought how far I have come and am so glad I gave it a chance!

Here is my gang happy after a great win by the Pack!

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Kidcraze said...

I was cheering for them, too! Look at all that green and yellow you guys have on. We are more of college football fans.....Razorbacks, you know. But I grew up on Tom Landry football :)
Alas, my husband is not a sports fanatic and we only occasionally watch a game, but do enjoy it when we do.
Glad you all are able to bond over this. I love your attitude about it.

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