Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nifty Fifties Couples Dinner

John and I had a fun night at a "diner" for a Nifty Fifty Couples dinner Friday night. We were supposed to dress in the fashion of that day and so I did quite a bit of online searching to see what was worn. It seems most people think of poodle skirts and saddles shoes but I found that quite a bit of clothing was classic in style and has had an influence in styles of today. I am certain I could have walked into any store and found something similar to that worn in 50's. It was the kids in high school who would more often wear the poodle skirts, although they wore a lot of other things, it's just that that seems to have become the symbol of the day.

Goodwill is my friend and that is where I headed. Of course I did find a blue skirt with polka dots that would have been perfect and a matching sweater but alas, my pregnant belly wouldn't allow that to close anymore. Then I saw a dress on display with a pink cardigan over and pearls dangling from the hanger. Perfect! Being that it had a high waist it worked perfect. And better yet, it is something I will wear again because it is a cute dress from Target still with the tags on. John had a shirt in his closet that reminded me of a loose style I saw. He could have just worn a suit and tie though as that is what most men seemed to wear along with a hat.

I hope I didn't bore you with the clothes. I really found it fascinating to see styles over time. The dinner was in the church basement decorated to look like a diner and "the Fonz" took our names and seated us at our tables. We dined on ice cream floats and hamburgers. We enjoyed 50's entertainment and even a visit from Frank Sinatra! :) I was thinking my Dad should have sang his song "Duke of Earl" (that's his name) as I love to hear him sing those old songs. Good friends, fun times!


Earl & Carol said...

So where was your pretty dress? Your skirt was nice though, too. Mom

manymasons said...

That was my dress. It looked like a skirt but was attached.

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