Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring is in the Air

Happy 1st day of Spring! While we have a fresh covering of snow here and it does not feel like it today, this past week has been filled with evidence of Spring.  Warmer temperatures, trees budding out, green shoots of grass trying to peak out from amidst the sea of brown, oh, how it makes me smile!

I love my Forsythia bush as it is the first color I see in the spring, however, it does not bloom until mid-April. I had a bridal shower at our house last weekend and wanted some color so cut branches from my bush putting them in water to force them to bloom. I didn't think of it on time though so it bloomed a few days too late. But it only did take a week and it is lasting quite nicely.

Fresh tulips decorated the table.

Balancing eggs for the spring equinox is a tradition. And although it really is a myth that eggs can balance due to a difference in gravitational pull on this day, it is still fun to try.

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