Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Latest Birthday Cakes

I really enjoy making birthday cakes, although I wish I would be a little better at it and am contemplating signing up for a class seeing as I taught myself. I have perfected a few things after 10 years but I have a hard time not modifying recipes and that is not always a good thing. I thought I'd share the three cakes I made in the past month. I typically find all of my ideas in books or online and then do what I want with them.

The first cake was for my good friend's daughter's 13th birthday. I made flip flops that turned out so cute that Missy Blue thought she wanted that for her party as well.

The next cake was what Missy Blue had really been asking for for months and that was a doll cake and of course in pink. At first I did not want to make that one as I don't care for the doll top, but alas, I gave in. My Mom had made this same cake for me and so I used her pan and the top that came with it. In attempting to make her a little more flat chested I ended up making her look a little heavier in the waist which one of my boys was quick to point out. I made sure to explain to him exactly why I do not care for those type of dolls. I inadvertently made the frosting more pink than I prefer thinking it needed as much coloring as blue does but pink needs only a little bit. Of course Missy enjoyed the bright pink.

The last cake was simple as can be and I was thankful I made it as Baby Boy celebrated his birthday with Missy. I may have found the idea on Family Fun or some such place but instead of doing a dirt cake I made it a trifle cake using my standard chocolate cake, adding chocolate chips, cutting it into chunks, and layering it with whipped cream, chocolate pudding, and toffee bits and put it into his birthday gift -- a new dump truck. For some reason I could not find a nice truck any smaller than this thing so it wasn't as full as I envisioned but that was okay.

Next batch of cakes comes in January. Pete and Re-Pete already have their order in and thankfully they want the exact same cake so this year they will share! Although I still have to find the idea for what they requested.


IllinoisLoriH said...

Hi, Amy...your cakes are beautiful! As the mother of two boys, I can only "identify" with the dump truck cake...but the others are sure pretty! You did a great job :-)

God Bless,

Lori (aka Plans4You)

AthaSchool1 said...

My grandmother used to make doll cakes for all her girls! Enjoyed seeing the pictures and reading through some of your posts! Congrats on the blogger award!

Anonymous said...

Seems as though we have lots in common. We have four sons and then our girlie. I also LOVE to bake. I cannot decorate cakes, but I sure can bake'm. I also use CM, have for 8 plus years now.

Stop by and visit sometime. I'm going to add you to my friend list so I won't lose your site from my memory.

PS. Congrats on HSB of the Week, what a nice honor.

Blessings and joy,



sahmto4orMore said...

Great cakes!

The doll is chunky 'cause she ate too much cake :)

I'm thinking maybe i won't attempt a doll cake after all.

too intimidating.

Joy wants a pink gun for her b'day, too. Life with bros.

She is a cowgirl of course.

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