Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Motor Home Living

I was asked awhile ago where we all sleep in our motor home and so now that we are getting ready to put our motor home in storage before the snow flies, I am finally getting around to telling you. Our motor home is a Coachman Class C - 30 feet in length (if that makes any difference to you). We mainly use it during race season to tow the race trailer and then we stay at the track. We have used it at campgrounds from time to time.

John and I sleep above the drivers seats. He is near the front window as I get claustrophobic being closed in on all sides. There is a curtain that we can close but again, I don't like to be blocked in. We have a set of bunk beds in the back bedroom and that arrangement has changed from year to year. The big boys used to be in there but this year we put the three youngest in the back to hopefully let them sleep longer in the morning. That doesn't really happen though as it is quite bright in the mornings and no one is ever quiet.

We had two eating areas - one in the back bedroom that we only use for sleeping and the other eating area John removed this summer to make room for the boys to sleep up front on the floor. Now we try to eat outside on a portable table. It is cramped but it works, especially seeing as we only really sleep in it. 
Fortunately this season we did not have any race weekends with rain otherwise we might have been stuck inside.

The nice feature is a walk-through bathroom which means it is larger, not just a tiny room you get stuck in. Although we tend to use the portable toilets at the track since we don't have sewer hookups there.

Now that racing is over, at least in the near future, John is contemplating selling it, but we'll see. Just another decision to make. Ideally, if we want to continue this mode of travel, one bump-out would be really helpful as with constantly growing children, we won't fit much longer.

George is on the couch, Pete on the floor and Re-Pete on the cushions from the eating area.

Pack 'n' Play on the folded down table. Missy on the bottom and Tank on top. We used to have a blockade to use for a baby/toddler on the seating area but that doesn't work as well as they can climb out.


Anonymous said...

Looks like it works out pretty well! If John is in act done racing, you'd have a lot of time on your hands to just go camping and spend time as a family doing so...I'd vote for keeping the motor home if possible! Rita

Anonymous said...

Nice to see more of the Race equipment as it seems to be a big part of your Summer Events and Part of the Family Life. would love to hear More.

any word on if he will get to race the Trucks?

sahmto4orMore said...

Thank you for sharing that. I'm sure it is a bit tight, but what a blessing to be able to travel all together like that and support John in his racing.

I loved having a pop-up camper, but we outgrew it a couple of years ago. Now we have a big roomy tent :)

ohiomom said...

I'm so glad that you were HSB of the week so that I could "meet" you!:) Thanks for sharing your post on Motor Home Living! I had to chuckle and call my kids back to look at your pictures. We are a full-time RV family that live in a 31 foot long Class A motorhome. My kids are a bit older (and all taller than my 5'6"), I have all teenagers so yes, bedtime is a bit cramped but I love the closeness our lifestyle has really nurtured in our family. And yes, I'm also dreaming of one, possibly two slideouts sometime in the future!:) Blessings, Tonya


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