Saturday, October 17, 2009

Birthday Girl

Today Missy Blue turned 4 years old! She is our little sweetheart (and has taken to calling her baby brother "my sweetheart" in a sing songy voice). She most certainly is a girly girl but will get right in there with her big brothers. If they play war, she plays along but with her pink gun. If they play with cars, she will too driving the cars that are pink or purple. Thankfully they include her in most everything they do, except for maybe legos which is probably why she has asked for the pink box of legos for her birthday. :)

Missy can be a little bossy and Baby Boy gets the brunt of that but she is also is very loving and nurturing. Missy loves music, always bouncing up and down to the beat and makes up her own songs. She enjoys shopping which I am so thankful for, although, she is even slower than I am when it comes to looking at everything and that is not a good thing. We all enjoy the differences our little girl brings to our household of many boys and are so thankful that God blessed us with Missy Blue!

Missy at 1 year old.

A snow cone to match her beautiful eyes.

The boys liked this one as her hair was flying through the air as she walked toward me.


IllinoisLoriH said...

Hi, I'm Lori from Illinois (aka Plans4You); just stopped by after seeing you on HSBlogger of the Week; you have a lovely family! Happy birthday to your sweet daughter...she is a cutie! I loved the photos earlier in your blog of her hairdo...I've seen Jenn's site, and was quite intrigued. I have 2 teen sons, so no "girly-do's" at my home! Your camper looks crowded but filled to the brim with happiness and love.

Have a great week, may God bless you!

IllinoisLori (aka Plans4You)

Anonymous said...

She is so sweet! I cannot believe that she is now 4 - I distinctly remember screaming in your ear over the phone when you called me at work to tell me that you were having a girl - who knew it was even possible? :) Happy Birthday to your little girl!



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