Friday, October 24, 2008

Show & Tell -- Ladies Tea

A few weeks back I had an event-filled day. My day began at a harvest fest on the riverfront where a  children's folk singer was preforming who the kids so enjoy. Even Daddy was getting into the actions and singing songs such as "Eight Hugs A Day!"

The afternoon brought me to a "Ladies Tea" with the theme being brides. I enjoy tea parties and getting dressed up and so I enjoyed this time in addition to being with my sister, my mom and my grandma. It was also a good reason to get my wedding dress out of hiding as dresses were on display. It was neat to see the different generations represented and you could always tell which time period the dress came from. Some were very yellowed with age and then there were some with an empire waist from my Mom's generation. Next came the dresses with puffed sleeves, many sequins and beads covering the dress and on the pictures also "big hair". The dresses from when my sister and I were married began to be more simple but elegant in style and finally the dresses of today are also simple but sleeveless seems to be in. One of these days I should actually try on my dress as the kids were so excited to see it. I look forward to more tea parties and am thankful for a little girl to share them with.

My sister, mom and me with our wedding dresses. Mom's dress was originally white but mine and my sister's were cream to begin with.

Here we are with my paternal grandma (middle) and her sister, my great-aunt.

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Mrs.Cuddles said...

Thank you for sharing about your tea party! My daughters and I love going to tea parties although we haven't been to one in quite some time...I guess I need to plan a day in the future.


sahmto4orMore said...

Oh, they are all beautiful!

My dress was in the sequined, pouffed sleeve category. My that seems like a long time ago!

I'm glad you were able to enjoy a lovely day out with the ladies.

jenn4him said...

First of all, I have to say what a neat idea to have wedding dresses at the tea! And I love your dress! How fun to be there with family, too. I am so sorry I did not know you were going to True Woman 08. I would have loved to met you. I got to meet one blogger, Marla( msmarla).


4sweetums said...

What a neat event. For our wedding we asked family and guests to bring a framed photo of their wedding for display. It was a great coversation piece to see all of the photos.



sonoranstamper said...

What an awesome way to take a jaunt down memory lane!! And with your mom and Grandma! Living history books!! : }

I have boys so I'm not sure what will happen with my dress!! Maybe a daughter-in-law?

Thanks for sharing,


SchoolinRhome said...

WoW! What a neat event. Looks like a wonderful time- filled with future memories!

Have a great weekend!


Jilann said...

What a fun time that looks like!

EEEEMommy said...

What a blessing to share life with different generations! :) I loved seeing the bridal gowns! :)

I don't think I could fit in mine to try it on for my kids. ;)

Hey, I tagged you for the 7 Random/Weird Things meme.

Canadagirl said...

sounds like a WONDERFUL day ! I love spending time with my mom and sister. But that happens vary rarely to get all three of us together now days.

You all must have looked stunning in your wedding dresses.

Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC

In Him<><


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