Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Race Banquet

I am slowly trying to catch up on blog-worthy events from the past month, so, a few weekends ago John and I were able to attend the end of the year race banquet. As he was points champion in his class we looked forward to the evening and the time away alone.  We arrived at the banquet and as I was looking through the program for the evening saw that he was also named Pro Driver of the Year!!! He had no idea and was thrilled about that. He had nine podium finishes and four wins this season and what an honor to receive that title with all of the competition! I enjoyed watching him give two speeches with a huge picture of him on the screen behind. Words seem to come easily to him in this venue. He came away with a monetary award, two trophies, and a remote control truck (the boys were thrilled!). Unfortunately he said with the economy the way it is right now this was the worst possible year to win a title as potential sponsors for the coming year will be buckling down. Congratulations on a wonderful year John! We enjoyed watching you all the way!

There he is, my 2008 Super-Buggy Champion!

Here he is with his Dad and trophies.

Don't we coordinate nicely! :) I never realize how much taller he is until I look at pictures of us. I was even wearing heels. (This is the same day as my last post which is why I am wearing the same thing).


sahmto4orMore said...

Awww, congratulations to John!

I'm sure you are very proud of him and you look lovely in your photo toegether.

Sandpiper said...

My Hubby and I seem to unintentionally co-ordinate ourselves too when we go out for a nice evening. Congrats to your husband. He has a very cool hobby!

Regarding your post below; A couple of years ago our church held a wedding fashion show as a fund rasier. Ladies from the church shared their dresses and the girls from the youth group wore them. It was so neat to see all of the different styles!

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