Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Refrigerator

For the past few years we have talked about purchasing a new refrigerator. Ours came with the house and while it still works decently we do have occasional problems. Every couple of months it will suddenly freeze everything on the top shelf, despite the settings. The bar on the door to hold the condiments has been glued on more than I can recall. Last week after I opened the door to have the condiments fall to the ground and another day found the corn on the cob frozen, I said, "maybe we should look into a new fridge". The reason we haven't before is that I have yet to find one that has a large enough produce drawer to hold all that we go through and keep it fresh.

So, we began doing a little research and found one to meet our needs. Sears had them on sale this past week and then I became "friends" with the salesman so we could attend the "Friends and Family" sale and receive an additional 10% off. We ended up with a side-by-side whirlpool with features that we like such an ice-bucket in the freezer door to leave more shelf space. It also has a "fresh-n-ready" bin to keep fresh washed fruits and veggies ready for a quick snack. We picked it up yesterday and at the moment our kitchen has two refrigerators until I get the chance to empty the old one out. That will then go to our garage for further storage space. As soon as everything is setup I will post a picture. Today everyone is quite excited to have cold water and crushed ice at the touch of a button.

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