Thursday, August 21, 2008

Everything Pink

We took Missy Blue with us when we were looking at refrigerators (see previous post) . I find it amusing shopping with her as she stops to look at anything PINK. That is her favorite color and she only refers to it as "____'s color" and does not say "pink". It is kind of funny because her brothers each have a favorite color and Missy will only refer to the color by that boy's name also. For instance red is "George's (his real name obviously) color".

So, we were looking at TV's and low and behold there is a princess TV that is bright pink with a crown and has a matching remote. Missy was so excited and of course immediately she said, "that's mine!". She also picked out clothes only in pink, a pink backpack that was, "mine", stopped to sit in a pink little chair and found other numerous pink items. I am so enjoying my little girly-girl who adores the color PINK! (And also seems to enjoy shopping!)

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sahmto4orMore said...

We have the same phenomena here! Isn't it amazing how different the girls are?

The other day Joy saw a pink life jacket (of all things) at a store and she went crazy saying, "Oh, how cute! What a sweet thing, it's so pink, ahhh!"


Then there are shoes. I am not a shoe woman myself, but my girl just LOVES shoes whenever we pass them in the store.

It IS fun having a girly-girl after so many boys, though, isn't it?

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