Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Family Olympics

I love family traditions and last month we had our annual Family Olympics. This tradition began when I was a little girl and from what my Grandpa said, it began with endurance and strength type activities but has become a mixture of also fun and crazy games as well. The games are divided into categories of men and women and the children are divided into age groups. It has always been something I really look forward to and now I enjoy watching my children doing some of the games that I used to play. One of my cousin's and I fondly remember how I dangled a donut dripping with chocolate syrup from a string over his head while he lay on the ground trying to eat it.  So many fun memories of time spent together as a family. This year similar to a game I played as a child, our children lapped up chocolate pudding to find the gummy worms. Yummy fun! I am so thankful for my family and for traditions that bring us together.

George & Pete finding the gummy worms

Re-Pete was the winner!

The men played a similar game but they cleaned their plates.

The women dressed a model using newspaper. My Mom is in the middle and looked like June Cleaver but my team won with the crazy outfit on the right, because of the shoes my sister designed. Do you see my scallop work on the hem? :)

Tank competing against my nephew. They were so cute!

Missy Blue with Mommy trying to find coins in the ring -- Grandpa's traditional game for the children.


5atkins said...

What a great way to have fun together as extended family! I remember the three "reunions" we had on my dad's side. My best memories are of the delicious food and playing Taboo, Trivial Pursuit, rooting for the Redskins or Cowboys, and playing hide and seek and baseball in the yard! Thanks for reminding me! I just might need to suggest this with our next family get together which is coming up in November!

Praying for you! Glad you have a date. I will be working our church yard sale that day, but I will be lifting you up!

Thanks for the pics! I loved the newspaper dresses! What talented seamstresses! :)

In Him, Eva

living4Him said...

That looks like so much fun! I'm glad you all had a good time!



sahmto4orMore said...

How cool to have such a tradition!

I think the closest we get is swimming together in Grandma's pool once a year.

I think i'll join your family........where do i sign up?

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