Friday, August 24, 2007

Nesting and my Mr. Clean

In pregnancy we always hear about "nesting" that occurs closer to the end. While I have a touch of it at times, with each of my pregnancies my husband is the one to really get a major dose of nesting. He can so quickly produce results that would take me at least twice as long to accomplish that I often refer to him as Mr. Clean. I think he takes after his Mom in this area and while he may not have been clean when he lived at home, she did have an influence after-all!

I have 10 weeks to go until my c-section and this week I received an email from my husband with the subject "cleaning plan". I burst out laughing when I opened it up to see our weeknights scheduled with a different area of the house to clean. He also thought it would be best to rip out the carpeting in our bedroom to help with the allergies I have and make it cleaner for the baby. Seeing as we have hard wood floors underneath I thought that would be fine. Unfortunately we didn't stick entirely with his plan as other things came up so that we weren't home each night but we did get a major start on the front area of the house.

I began trying to clean up our bedroom this afternoon. It is mainly cluttered with baskets of clean clothes waiting for a home of either a plastic bin or a drawer. Sorting through clothes that no longer fits and trying to find a place for them is never a favorite job of mine, especially since we are a little short on space for the boys clothes. The four of them sleep in one room with a small closet and one dresser. Tank's clothes are still in the bedroom with Missy Blue but will need to come out to make room for baby clothes. Needless to say this produces baskets of clothes without a home and while they may be folded initially, they rarely stay that way. Hmmm, I wonder how that happens? Okay, so I moved the baskets out so I can thoroughly sort through them again and find them a permanent home.

My husband came home and was happy to see the floor again. I figured we would do more cleaning again but after starting a load of laundry came to find the boys with their Daddy ripping out the carpet. I guess that was the project for the evening. They did a great job and the floor looks so nice. Next on the agenda -- the boys room and ripping out their carpet which is so stained that shampooing does nothing for it anymore. I must say, it is a lot more fun when we all work and clean together to accomplish a goal.

The boys helping tear out the carpet.

The finished room!


5atkins said...

Your floors look great! I would rip my carpet up too if I had nice floors! I know though that my wimpy feet would miss the comfort of carpet, but it would be worth it! My husband has terrible allergies and I tried to get him to lay down linoleum in the bedrooms when we replaced carpet last year, but he would rather deal with allergies I guess!

So glad you have so much help in your "nesting." I am not much of a cleaner, I am more a declutterer! :) My three girls share a room and they have two dressers. I don't know how you fit all the clothes in one dresser! I even put up their "winter" clothes in a storage container under the bed. My girls are also dress wearers mostly and nearly all have been given to us (Thank you Lord) so most of their clothes hang.

About the library, it is really a blessing that someone has donated these books! They also have a room where you can donate your homeschool teaching curriculum and people can check it out for a year! I found a Latin book (high school) that I can use to refresh my Latin skills and a ton of Abeka for a friend!

It is worth the 45 minute drive to go to this library!

Glad you are feeling well! Praying for you and your sweet baby and family!

In Him, Eva

Diane said...

Wow, gorgeous makeover. :) You need to come nest over here.

Diane said...

Hi beautiful pregnant Mom! How are you? You've been nominated for an award, please visit my site to find out what it is. Hope you are doing well. Give your belly a little pat for me. :)

sahmto4orMore said...

Oh, the floor is gorgeous! I'd love to have real hardwoods like that.

I was just thinking about laundry yesterday and the changing of the wardrobes for Fall and how that will hit about the time the baby is born. I guess it'll be the same for you.

We have a similar situation with boys' room and clothes. I use under-bed boxes for their jeans/shorts/pants. It made a big difference in space available. I also use an over-the-door plastic shoe organizer and roll tee shirts to put in the pockets. For their play shirts, not their good shirts.

Mr. Clean can come nest at my house anytime. We have not started nesting yet.

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