Thursday, May 10, 2007

Yummy Bagels

I found a wonderful recipe website thanks to AHappyHome. I make as much as I can from scratch so this website is perfect and I always love to see recipes with the picture to know if something really looks worth the effort. Of course I can never leave a recipe as I find it and modify it to suite my tastes. So, today I decided to try making bagels. I have made them in the past and tried adding chocolate chips which made a big mess with the boiling but they did taste good.

Today I tried a recipe from Tammy's Recipes and modified it to make my favorite bagel of all time, Tomato Basil. Natural Ovens used to make one but they haven't for awhile now and I am unable to find any others. To the basic bagel recipe I did use part fresh-ground whole-wheat flour and then simply added pizza sauce, basil, and oregano. The boys couldn't wait for them to get out of the oven. George especially was oohhing and aahhing after the first few bites. (He can be quite the food critic at times). I thought I'd try other flavors another day but George says to stick with these "pizza bagels". They are so yummy but one batch doesn't last very long! So, if you are in the mood for yummy bagels give this recipe a a try.

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living4Him said...

Hi Amy! I want to try the recipe but I'm not sure I know how much pizza sauce, basil, oregano,etc to add. Could you let me know more specifically what you did? I would really like to try these this week!

They look fabulous!

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