Thursday, May 24, 2007

Race Season has begun


My husband races a Super Buggy car off-road (on dirt but over jumps not just around a circle) and this past weekend we traveled to Minnesota for the first race of the season. We travel in a motor home which is great as there is no luggage to pack and unpack and there isn’t much of a need to stop since the bathroom is right on board. The scenery was beautiful as we crossed the Mississippi river with all of the hills surrounding it. The weather was good for racing although we did have storms keeping us awake much of Saturday night which made for a very muddy track.

Missy Blue at the races
The boys create mud pots from the mud off of Daddy's car each race

My husband had a great weekend coming in 7th in the first race even though he got bumped and ended up with a flat tire. At the beginning of that race he passed 6 cars to get to 6th position winning him a “hard charger” award. The next day he pulled out front almost from the beginning and held onto 1st by quite a distance. I made the mistake of saying “it was a boring race” as there wasn’t any action. Yes, I learned now that I need to be thankful for a great competition with little action as I recall the day before there were two cars in his race that rolled and were quite damaged. It is fun to watch how much the boys enjoy racing and see how proud they are of their daddy. Each year they get more involved trying to help scrape the mud off of the car and other odd jobs. George especially knows more about what goes on at the races than I do. Our summer will be filled with racing and while that may not be my cup of tea I enjoy the time we have together and am proud of all my husband has accomplished.

George helping Daddy put the new wheel on.

The boys proud of Daddy's first place finish!

Podium win holding his winning check.


KindredHeart said...

Your boys must love that! I think it's neat that you make it a family affair. We do the same thing with my husband's marathons. It truly becomes a memory-making event in which we're all able to participate and celebrate!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, friend!

sahmto4orMore said...

I always thought it would be great to travel in a motor home around the country. My folks have one that mostly sits in storage.

Don't think racing would be my cup of tea, though. I'm sure it is fun to be around so much excitement and what a great helpmeet you are to support him in that.

AHappyHome said...

Yum! Your bagels looked great! Don't they smell AWESOME when they are baking? Come by my blog and try out the foccacia :)

We just finished A is for Adam! What a great book! We are going to read his other book on dinosaurs next. Currently we are reading Leading Little Ones to God, which we are enjoying.

Loved the racing photos!

Blessings to you always,


AHappyHome said...

I just *got* that you are pregnant! Congratulations!!!

And I think we read the very same books :)



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