Thursday, March 15, 2007

One Less Diaper!

The topic of potty training elicits so many different responses from people. Some potty-train their child early as a toddler while others wait until the child is getting to the point where people question what is taking so long, and still others I have heard of will train their baby (parent train?).  It took our twins until they were close to four years before they were potty-trained. That wasn’t for a lack of trying as we did attempt it numerous times. It was difficult with them as it was twice the mess to clean up and they just never seemed to understand why they were getting wet in the first place. Then of course there are some mom’s who feel the need to offer their opinion which often isn’t always very encouraging.

I finally decided that it was time to potty-train Tank who turned three in January. It is never my favorite thing to do, (is it anyone’s?) and I realized that I hadn’t tried because I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of it. My husband agreed that Tank was probably ready but we were being lazy. So, we began a week ago and amazingly enough it took about three days and only two accidents! I would say that he was ready! That is the wonderful thing about a child being truely ready; it isn’t as much work as when trying to train them early on. This is the first time in five years that we have only had one diaper to change and it is an amazing feeling. It makes me almost ready to start training Missy Blue (almost). Tank is now a "big boy" and is pretty excited about that and all of the other things that big boys can do.

'I'm a big boy!"

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