Thursday, February 22, 2007


Grandma's familyMy Grandma's Family shorly after they arrived in the United States

This week we had our traditional Lenten meal of Schnitz Soup (dried fruit soup) with Butterballs and Greble (like a donut) for dessert.  My Mom told me that her grandparents made this German Russian meal and I grew up with my Grandma making it every year at the beginning of lent. I do not know if there was any signifigance and now it is mearly a tradition and is the only time we ever make it. The version of the soup can vary and depended upon which village in Russia a person came from. As a child fruit soup never appealed to me and so I ate steak sandwiches along with my Dad and sister. As an adult I decided to give it a try and do enjoy the flavor. My favorite part is frying the Greble and seeing what various shapes I can form. Unfortunately my husband and children have yet to aquire a taste for Schnitz soup. (The look of it can be a bit of a turnoff so I did not take a picture).

Greble -- a German Russian dessertGreble

If you would like to try Schnitz Soup for yourself, here is the recipe....

Boil the following together until all fruit is soft.

3 qt. water

½ c. raisins

½ c. prunes

½ c. dried apricots

½ c. dried apples

½ c. dried peaches or pears

1 c. sugar (I would use less)

½ c. syrup (my grandma used the syrup from canned apricots)


Mix 1 pint sour cream and 3 T. of flour well, then stir into fruit soup. Can be served warm or cold.

My Grandma added Butterballs to her soup, which are made with bread, eggs, butter and allspice. My favorite part of the soup!

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