Thursday, February 22, 2007

Fun with Art

Art projects are one of my boy’s favorite things to do. Last week we had a lot of fun reading the book Mirette on the High Wire  using Five in a Row and looked at a book of old circus posters so decided to paint our own posters. I wasn’t sure how well it would work out but the boys loved it! They each had their own fun idea and got right to work. I helped Pete and Re-Pete with their lettering and mixing paint colors but other than that they spent the afternoon painting. I really enjoyed watching their individuality shine through. The end result was wonderful! 

The boys displaying their circus posters. (Names are blurred by me)Circus Posters

This week we had an art class that a few homeschool-Moms from church and I take turns teaching. We often go through the book How to Teach Art to Children but take a break now and again. It was my turn to teach so I found the simple project of tie-dying baby wipes and coffee filters. It was fun to see how everyone had a unique design. The kids all enjoyed this and could have spent the day just coloring -- I could have too!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog! I look at your blog and feel so encouraged! I too, love art and baking with my children. Elizabeth George is one of my favorties, and No Greater Joy has been an encouragement in many ways over the years. I read over your blog was blessed. Our Valentines day was also "red," including a heart shaped pizza, red velvet cake and candy cups. We talked and focused on the love of Jesus, but we have a whole lot of family fun on holdiays. Your German soup sounds so much like my Swedish fruit soup htat I make around Christmas time. Ok, well, I could go on and on....maybe I will e-mail you about our curriculum. :0) God bless, and thanks for the encouragement!! Melissa By the way, your family seems so wonderfully sweet.

KindredHeart said...

Love those circus posters! Great job, boys! I especially enjoy "...and the Great Daddy!"

Have a great weekend!

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