Friday, January 26, 2007

There's No Place Like Home!

I went to my Mother's of Twins meeting the other night and enjoyed a time of pampering as we each received a chair massage -- what a treat! I was so relaxed I could have drifted off to sleep. I have been involved with the club as a place of support from others who have experienced similar situations with their twins. It is difficult for others who do not have twins (even those close in age) to understand "twin things". Now that our twins are 5 years old I go more to offer support to the new Moms.

However, I am often saddened by the attitude that seems to prevail in the club. Almost every meeting I hear a comment about how I possibly handle staying at home ALL day with my children. Many of the Moms work and they say how it a place to "get away" and "take a break" from their children. Now I am not saying it is always easy or that my children never drive me crazy because they do. But I enjoy being at home with my children. I delight to see them grow, learn and experience new things along with ME! I can talk with them, play with them, hug them close whenever I want to. Even for all of the trying times I wouldn't want to be anywhere but home with my children. I am so blessed to be a Mommy! Lord, may I always remember to delight in each child!




Diane said...

Even as a Mom of singles, I often get the same comments you do. I also get it from Family. I think my children are so great and so fun, why would I NOT want to spend all this time with them? I find it so strange that others would NOT want to spend this precious time with their children. My prayer is the same as yours.


EEEEMommy said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the soup! I made a big pot too and am still enjoying leftovers (although the kids have tired of it).

I'm with you, it's sad to hear people make comments like this. I don't always want to do schoolwork with the kids, but I really do enjoy just having them around. CTdittmar just wrote a similar post "Don't You Go Bananas?" that gets to the heart of these comments. I don't know if she's one of your "friends" but if not, I would encourage you to go meet her. She's fabulous!

Also, I think it's great that you've continued going to the Twin meetings to support the new moms. Too often the older moms who don't need support anymore just quit coming.

AHappyHome said...

First of all, what beautiful family photos! They really made me smile. And thank you for visiting me! In regards to your yogurt, any warm place should work fine. The temp needs to be about 100 degrees, and the yogurt undisturbed (as much as that is possible with children ha). Let me know how it turns out!

I understand and have heard these sorts of comments before that you blogged about. Truly, it is almost like you are from another planet when, given the opportunity, you relay how grateful and blessed and happy you are to be home with your children. They simply do not know anything other than the lie that being at home is a drag, and they need our prayers, our pity, and our humble encouragement when possibilities arise to consider how their families could be better with a keeper at home. May your light shine for your friends, drawing them out of the feminist blackhole.



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