Friday, January 12, 2007

My Little Dolly

I can't believe how different it is to have a girl! When "Missy Blue" was born and for awhile after she was just like any of the babies that I have had and so I wondered when differences would appear. Now that she is a year I am starting to notice. While this may not be true of all girls, my little one is like a delicate flower, very dainty. She loves to follow the boys around everywhere they go but is not near as aggressive or active as they were at her age. In fact she didn't crawl until right before she turned one but was content to just sit in the place I set her, as long as it was within eyesight of her brothers. Lately she has picked up her doll and will cuddle with it, give it kisses and lay it down to sleep; all of which thrill me! Enough with the crazy boys throwing dolls around, hanging them by their feet or doing who knows what with! Now a sweet girl to play with a doll as it was made for, to cuddle, and to love. My little Mommy in training.  Some of her brothers have recently taken to calling her "baby doll" which is so sweet to hear them say! Here are some pictures I took of her with her dolly (the boys picked this out as a gift for her when she was born).

"Reading" to her dollyReading to Dolly

Kissing dolly

Cute little button nose (her latest way to smile)button nose

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