Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Two Cake Decorators

This is a month behind but I wanted to post pictures of the birthday cake George and Pete made for me this year. Usually my Mom or sister will decorate one but since the boys have had a few cake decorating lessons as a project for 4H I thought they could handle it.

At their last lesson they learned how to make flowers which is something I have never done! The flowers turned out so nicely, that although tempted to eat them, they decided to freeze them to save to put on my birthday cake. I thought they might as well make the cake for me too. To make it a bit easier for them I caved and bought a cake mix. I helped with the raspberry whipped cream frosting but they put it all together. 

It turned out even better than I imagined!


I love to see how far the boys have come in decorating cakes. It wasn't too long ago they "assisted" my Mom in putting fruit on a cake only a mother could love. (I think I need to dig out that picture!)


1 comment:

Kidcraze said...

They did great! It looks very nice.

Last time my husband let the kids decorate my cake it was COVERED in sprinkles. It was one crunchy cake :)

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