Tuesday, August 9, 2011

36 Weeks and Counting

Here is my latest side view at 36 weeks. Missy told me yesterday that she really would like me to get some shirts to cover my belly better as she is tired of seeing it all the time. :) Seppy just laughs when he sees it.

I really do have a hard time keeping the lower portion covered as maternity clothes do not seem to be made for women who stick straight out in front. I pondered the idea of starting my own maternity line to make flattering clothes that do not pull so tightly in the back and ride up too high in the front. The only thing that really works is if I have the full panel belly which is also harder to find. Here I had looked forward to wearing some of my cute maternity tops and dresses from past pregnancies but most have not been fitting for the past few months. Well, soon I'll fit in my maternity clothes without a problem and it will be my normal clothes that will take awhile to squeeze back into.


Kidcraze said...

Hang in there, just a bit longer! It does make me feel like I can't breathe to look at that picture tho, bless your heart. Can't wait to see how much that little one weighs.

Soon you will be snuggling with a wee one again and feel that precious warmth and downy fuzz against your shoulder. It's all worth it.

Keri Mae said...

You look ADORABLE!! I just want to reach out and hug that belly! Can't wait to hear the baby news!

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