Thursday, June 2, 2011

Our Vacation -- Day 1 Lincoln Museum

We left for a short trip to St. Louis last Wednesday and on the way down decided to stop at the Abraham Lincoln Museum as my parents said it was a must see. It was also a good way to break up the trip a bit seeing as we didn't take the motor home due to gas prices. We drove through two hours of rain with off and on downpours on the way there but arrived to sunny and warm temperatures which was so welcoming after coming from temps in the 50s!

We enjoyed a picnic lunch in a park outside while Seth examined a statue of Lincoln sitting on a park bench. He was so intent, climbing all over examining it with such a serious look on his face and feeling all around. I finally asked what he was doing and he said, "Looking for the hole." I asked what hole and he replied as if I should already know, "Where Lincoln was shot".  :) That made me laugh to think of my three year old looking for the gunshot wound in a statue and that he would even know to look on the head. Maybe there are advantages to being the youngest child. It took us three hours to go through the museum but if we didn't have children along it would take more time to read all of the information.
Our family visiting with the Lincoln's during their stay at the White House. I feel a bit under-dressed.
Our favorites were the two shows they do -- Ghosts of the Library where a librarian tells the stories behind some of the artifacts and at times things like a quill pen or the person in his story "come to life" using a hologram-type technology. The second one was Lincoln's Eyes which was a special effects movie going through the events in Lincoln's life. With that the seats shake on occasion and there are periodic flashing lights or booming noises which did cause for most of us to jump. If you have small children it might help to find out when to expect the movement, although Seppy did okay being on my lap. If you are ever in the area I highly recommend you stop in and see this very well done museum.
Dressing up in Mrs. Lincoln's Attic

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