Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday, although it doesn't feel like anything special being that we celebrated last week along with my Grandpa who is 91! I like having a party with him! Do you still celebrate your birthday? I grew up in a family where adult birthdays for my parents and grandparents all were celebrated with a party and I love it that way and it continues today. While there are so many created holidays there is nothing like a birthday to show and tell someone how much they mean to you and make them feel special.

My Mom made Key Lime Torte for me as I wasn't in the mood for cake this year. (Grandpa eats anything) It was so pretty and yummy too!
Tonight we celebrate my nephew's birthday who turned 7. He was born on my 30th birthday and what a wonderful gift I received that day. (So now you know how old I am.) The next best thing to my own children. Happy Birthday "Silky Cheeks"!

So last week my Grandpa and I had a celebration and George pointed out that it seems with each birthday I have someone tries to make me cry. Well, I don't know if they go out of their way to do it but at least one person always succeeds. This year my sister started off with a card about growing up as sisters. I knew I wouldn't make it through just reading the word "sister". And then George gave me a gift that he thought up and employed my Mom to help him create. He wanted to make me a table runner and so he and my Mom picked out various fabrics in shades of purples to match our dinning room and sewed a beautiful runner! In addition to that he had made me a heated rice pack with a removable cover. I knew I was getting something he made but I had no idea and of course that also brought tears to my eyes.

Table runner from George (and my Mom)

I love birthdays and celebrations don't you?!

John bought me this porch swing that I love! It fits 3 adults or 6 children which is perfect.


Heather said...

Happy Birthday, Amy!!!!! "George" is getting quite gifted with his sewing - maybe I can employ him to start making Lydia dresses :) Your porch swing looks great - I did chuckle though as to how many it fits - hopefully, it fits 7 children :) Love ya!

Kidcraze said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate and you got some very special gifts.
Love the baby bump!

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