Saturday, May 8, 2010

The perfect Mothers Day

I read an article by Barbara Rainey this week that very much summed up what I have been feeling about Mother's Day. I had been going back and forth in my mind this week having conversations with myself about the upcoming day to honor Mothers. (Do you have conversations with yourself too?) It really isn't a favorite day for me. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE being a Mommy! There is no job I'd rather do.

But don't you think we have a preconceived idea of what the day should be for me? My husband should buy me a plant for the garden and know my taste without me having to tell him; the children should have made their homemade cards with sweet endearments. They should be obedient all day and I shouldn't have to deal with any discipline issues. Today is the day my husband deals with everything and I sit back and am pampered. Right! Sure, some of those things did indeed happen but maybe not exactly how I wanted. And then it can become more prideful in what I think I deserve and might even lead to a bad attitude.

For me, I have given up the ideas of a perfect Mothers Day. Instead I have been focusing on the little ways I am honored in my role as Mommy each and every day. My little ones wrapping their arms around me for a hug and whispering "I love you!". My boys who maybe 8 but still want to be as close to me as possible and willingly put their hand in mine while shopping. Children vying for the spot on the couch next to me. Or my oldest offering to help clean the kitchen when I am overwhelmed. Those are the moments that I cherish. Not forced, but done out of geniune love and honor for me -- their Mommy!

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Tracy said...

Exactly. and the years that my dh does nothing, I think to myself it is just a Hallmark holiday anyway.

We are blessed to be home to soak up the little, genuine moments and to know the hearts of our children.

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