Thursday, February 11, 2010

Once you hit 35???

I turned 35 this past June and it seemed to me that it was kind of a turning point from the way I knew things to be. I feel great but since that time I noticed that my metabolism has changed and things have shifted. Hormonal things are changing too but I am not getting into that.

I have had it great all my life being able to eat anything whenever and never gain a pound. I know not many people have it so easy. Then with pregnancy I would gain weight but would be able to loose it all by nursing and just keeping active. This time after having Seppy I never did get back to my starting weight and now over the winter for the first time in my life I gained weight. Okay, those of you who know me I know you think I could use the extra weight, you can't see it, whatever. I can see it! I can feel it as my clothes no longer fit and I am bulging out in places I would rather not and look pregnant constantly (I know you can't tell) unless I am sucking everything in, which I try to do constantly because on smaller people a big belly sticks out much farther. While I do have a excess skin (reminds me of chicken skin all wrinkly) after having twins that the doctor said would never go away except with plastic surgery, I still know my muscles are not toned to keep that pulled in.

Do you feel sorry for me yet? Just kidding! Anyway, before this spirals out of control and I keep gaining weight I started working out until we get back to summer and being able to go for walks and be more active. I am using one of Jillian Michaels dvds to tone the trouble spots but really only have had the chance to do it twice a week. The first time I was so sore the next day I felt as if I was waddling when walking. John encouraged me to keep it up as the pain only gets less the more you do it. And he was right, when I keep up with it I get stronger and stronger. But then when I skipped last week and began again this week, I was again so sore! Consistency seems to be the key.

Have I lost you? Maybe a boring post but honestly what is on my mind lately. My goal isn't necessarily to loose weight although it would be nice to get back to my license weight. I really want to fit in clothes I can't get into without having to buy up a size.

I took a picture of my starting mid-section but there is no way I will share that! It is quite cute though as just when I was ready to take it Seppy walked in the door and stuck his finger in my belly button. Ha ha!

What about you? Did things change for you when you hit 35?


Tracy said...

Well, I'm older than you, but it was this last baby that got me.

I've always been able to get back into my old clothes by 8 to 10 weeks postpartum. Here I am six months later (almost) and I am more comfy in my maternity clothes. I was finally able to squeeze into my old jeans and button them this week, but I've had to really watch what I am eating. I am pathetically out of shape, but I'm trying to do Wii Fit and I can tell some difference.

What gets me is the staring into the closet and knowing 3/4 of it doesn't really fit, but I don't want to admit defeat and go buy new sizes.

Mom said...

Sorry, honey - it doesn't get any better. It's a gradual downhill from now on! Encouraging huh?? But I'm glad you're starting to do something. I've let mine go too long and its hard to get motovated to do anything. Especially, when you lose some and then gain it all back - plus some! Love you!

subbertfamily said...

35? I'm looking at the big 4-0 this year. Having a baby at 39 totally changed everything. I have not lost the 20 pounds of baby weight yet. I haven't even started exercising and I need too. Perhaps this spring like weather will get me motivated!


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