Monday, July 13, 2009

1st Race Part 2 -- Engine Problems

My memory being what it is (horrible!) the details of the last race are no longer fresh in my mind and so here is a brief “rest of the story”.

After leaving early that Friday morning we arrived at the race track in Crandon and set up camp. John planned on testing out his car during practice early evening. Last year he had the opportunity to test out the car weeks before the race season began which he thought was an advantage but this year it didn’t work out that way and so he was anxious to see how the car would run.

During practice he had a few laps and looked good and I got my practice taking pictures with my new camera.

Unfortunately, that was short-lived and a rod put a hole in the engine and that was the end of that.

The hole was in his back-up engine but yet that meant he spent the rest of the night putting in his new engine. The next morning though he was unable to keep the new engine running and ended up scratching the race. He was initially disappointed but honestly, I think he was prepared from all the difficulty leading up to this point. We enjoyed the rest of the weekend watching races and the boys and John had fun racing their rc trucks on the special off-road track. In the midst of that John was planning and getting things in motion to get his engine fixed and ready for the next race.

John taking a turn using Re-Pete's remote. He had to race something and that is actually how he got his start in racing -- racing RC cars. :)

Pete's truck is the blue and Re-Pete's is the white racing on the off-road rc track.


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