Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow & Weekend Ramblings...

Yesterday was a goofy day as we couldn't make it into church and we had been planning on going to see my nephew in his Christmas program. The snow here has been crazy and yesterday there was a wind chill advisory in addition to blowing winds. We had drifts everywhere and my husband got out the plow but ended up stuck in a snowbank closing off the driveway. Thankfully his parents were here with their 4-wheel drive truck and were able to pull him out later but it was also so bitterly cold. We found out later that one end of our road was drifted shut with drifts that were over John's head!

Our church Christmas program was supposed to be last night and we made the decision not to go as we have a 25 minute drive and there were white-out conditions. In addition my husband was afraid our driveway would get drifted shut again in the meantime. Thankfully it was ultimately canceled! The boys had been so concerned that they would miss saying their part. It will now be on Christmas Eve instead which unfortunately means their Grandparents will miss it. :(

We had a nice weekend with my in-laws and celebrated Christmas with them. The boys each got a pair of snowshoes that they were finally able to try out this morning, although it was still only 10 degrees. They received the game Blockus from an Aunt and have been playing it ever since. It is quite addicting and a challenge but fun. Their goal is to beat Daddy as he is really good (it's the mathematician/engineer in him.)

There is more snow in the forecast for the week so we will certainly have a white Christmas here (maybe a little overly white). I'll have to post a picture because the amounts we have already are amazing!

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sahmto4orMore said...

I hope you enjoyed your white Christmas at least a little bit for us. We are at 70 degrees today with storms expected.

We had a Christmas program postponed last week because of the ice storm. The boys were disappointed, but we were able to do it this week.

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