Sunday, December 14, 2008

Me and Cameras

I love to take pictures and have ever since I was a little girl and had one of those point and shoot automatic cameras with the cheap flash attachment you popped on and used until the flashes were all burned out. Before we got married we invested in a nice SLR camera that I really enjoyed. I never did learn to use it to it's full capability but I took a lot of great photos.

Around the time when Tank was a baby we tossed around the idea of buying a digital SLR camera but ultimately decided we couldn't spend the money on it when what we had worked fine. With time though digital was becoming the way to go and so right after Missy Blue was born we bought a small pretty much automatic digital camera and that has served us well, although I still like the quality of photos with an SLR much better. The ease of popping this camera into my purse or wherever is great. The downside is that is is also much easier to misplace. I have lost it a number of times now but it has always turned up at some point. This is due likely because my scatter-brained mind cannot remember the last place I set it down, especially when distracted by little ones.

 Well, it happened again last month and I was without a camera. I would say to my husband, "Oh, if only I had a camera right now." I borrowed my Mom's when I really needed one but figured ours would turn up as always. In the meantime my husband thought it was time for a new camera and so used a few gift cards he had to buy a new digital camera, even in pink! (Missy Blue thought it was for her). It was like my Mom's camera and admittedly had more options and would hopefully take a little bit better of picture as we still cannot afford to get a digital SLR. Wouldn't you know that our other camera turned up not a week later in the van of all places (I was sure I checked there!) but Re-Pete pulled it from under the seat. The kids claimed it as their own to take pictures with.

I was getting used to our new pink camera and trying out the various settings and had just finished taking the family Christmas picture. I popped that camera in my pocket carrying it around all day taking pictures of the kids with the tree, etc. Needless to say I forgot it was there. Later on Tank was taking a bath and I went in to wash his hair. I heard a "plop!" and had a sinking feeling as Tank lifted out my camera and said, "Ahhh, Mama?" I couldn't believe that my new camera had fallen into the water!!! I ran to dry it off with a hairdryer the best I could and went online to search for the fate of my camera. There were mixed reports but I found one that did say if it dried out enough it could possibly work again.

I put the wet camera on the fireplace to dry and my husband wondered why I had it sitting there. I didn't want to tell him at that point but my little Tank said, "Guess what Mommy did?" Can't that boy keep a secret? (At least for a little while?) He pretty much just shook his head and said, "You're not getting a new one". So, I tried every few days and the camera did turn on but there was still no picture. I assumed it would need a new lense and was going to price that out. About a week later I was using my old camera again and thought, I sure wish I could use my new one. I figured it wouldn't work again but I whispered a popcorn prayer as I ran down the hall to try it out. "Lord, I sure would love to have use of that camera again". I picked up the camera, turned it on and low and behold there was now a picture! I was so happy and relieved that it was not ruined afterall! Thank You Lord!

Long story but yet you know, God cares about even the seemingly insignificant things in our lives. Sure, I didn't mean to drop my new camera in the water and yes, I did have my old camera to fall back on but God knew the desire of my heart and he blessed me with causing it to work again. 

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anneliesekmcdowell said...

So happy to hear the camera survived the bath! You always take beautiful pictures.

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