Friday, October 28, 2011

Birthday Girl turns 6!

Ah, another year has passed and my little girl is now 6 years old! My only girl and I am so thankful that I have a bit of pink lot of pink everywhere I look. Missy Blue is still girly but more and more she tries to do what the boys do. She climbs trees and once in awhile gets in the football game, and just follows those boys everywhere they go. And thankfully for the most part they don't mind their tag-a-long.

Missy prayed for a sister and how we all thought she needed one seeing as the boys often look at her with a clueless expression not understanding the ways of a girl. But God planned that Missy would be our only girl, although she told us she will still pray for a sister :). Missy sure does love her brothers though but I'm not sure if she'd admit to it.

I've had fun looking through old pictures to find one
 but oh my it makes me realize how fast she is growing! :(
Missy loves to sing (to herself) and we are still waiting for the day when she sings an actual song but we enjoy her renditions of sing-songy strange words and sounds she makes until she notices we are paying attention. She also loves to hold her baby brother and like her brothers she can get him to fall asleep on her shoulder.

I am a bit late in this post (what is new lately) as her birthday was actually last week. Missy woke up to seeing herself on the news as they feature six-year olds on Channel 6. Her breakfast of choice was chocolate chip pancakes in various shapes. She wanted her initial and a bunny rabbit. She had a number of phone calls that day and I was fascinated by the expressions on her face as she talked with her legs crossed and all and I saw the image of things to come. John and I took Missy and Seppy out to eat to her favorite restaurant -- Texas Roadhouse that evening. She invited him as his birthday is coming up next week and she thought it would be more fun.

My sister and her family took Missy and Sep to Build-A-Bear workshop for a birthday present and we heard about that trip for days. What a special treat! And then we celebrated their birthdays this past weekend and they had a great time only very sad to see it end. Ah, but the celebration continues as John's parents are here for the weekend and are taking the little two shopping to pick out a present. Oh the excitement! I don't think my birthdays ever lasted that long when I was a child!

Missy looks so grown up here!


Heather said...

Beautiful pictures, they each tell such a story! I love her cake - so girly! Happy B-day to Missy and to Seppy ... birthday season is upon us :)

Kidcraze said...

Such a sweet post in honor of your little girl. Sounds like she had a fabulous extended birthday.

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