Saturday, July 16, 2011

Strawberry Picking

The children and I went strawberry picking yesterday with my Dad. It is our tradition to go with him and this year I was especially thankful to have him as I can't get down on the ground very well anymore so I didn't expect I'd be doing much. Him being retired makes our schedule a lot more flexible and we don't have to wait until the busy weekends to go which is really nice. It was a warm day but we enjoyed a breeze coming off of the lake.

I don't know that Missy and Seppy picked very many and I saw Tank supervising quite a bit but that is okay. The other three boys made up for it. Although George always says "One for me, one for the bucket". So how many actually make it to the bucket I am not sure of. :) We ended up with 30# and while I might have liked more as we go through them quite often in smoothies all throughout the year that is about all I can handle processing right now. I did have a few boys offer to help hull which was very helpful (and a bit surprising) and so I think I only have 10# left to go. A friend offered this tidbit of information to me this morning that strawberries last longer if you store them in glass.
Pete (and Re-Pete) were very thorough and dedicated pickers.

Mr. Seppy has never liked strawberries. (My first child picky about fruit).
He decided to eat one my Dad offered him and now proclaims, "I like strawberries!"
The Strawberry Picking Gang

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Kidcraze said...

Yum! there is just nothing like strawberries fresh from the field.
So glad your Dad is near enough to help you and invest in your kids' lives like that. They will always think of him when they eat fresh strawberries. Such a blessing.

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