Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Grandpa

My Grandpa had a heart attack  two weeks ago. He turned 90 years old in June but still lives on his own. He does his own cooking and loves to bake and enjoys finding a good deal. He has been on his own since my Grandma died, I can't believe 15 years ago. We have enjoyed getting to know him better (well as much as you can when he can't hear and doesn't talk too much) over these years. His great-grandchildren love him, especially when they are toddlers and can climb up on his lap. He always has candy in his pockets for them.

When my sister called to let me know that Grandpa was being taken by ambulance to a hospital 30 minutes away I immediately thought the worst and was in tears. Afterall, Grandpa had heart problems 18 years ago and ended up with bypass surgery at that time. My mind kept going to the fact that he is 90 and figured that this time God would call him home. I waited that night with George who was also quite concerned to see if it was to the point that we needed to head to the hospital. Grandpa was ready to die and in his prayer requests for the year said, "Daily I'm looking for the day that He takes me in His presence. What a glorious day that will be."

But gradually, things improved. Grandpa did have a major heart attack and I am glad I wasn't there because my Dad said it wasn't anything I'd want to see. I am thankful my parents could be with him. At the hospital they did a catheterization and put in three stents in the clogged arteries, two of which were 99% blocked!  After that he began feeling better. I am amazed at the technology! I wonder what advances there will be in the next 18 years!

Grandpa was not in the hospital very long and is now staying with my parents until he regains his strength. God's timing is perfect because the day after Grandpa's heart attack, my Dad retired and is able to care for him instead of having to be in a nursing home. And while it isn't really home to him, Grandpa would never complain.

And so, God has blessed us with more time to be with this special man. A man who desires to serve the Lord "until the day He calls me".

Opa and Missy having fun playing a game on Christmas day


michelle said...

so glad to hear that he seems to be well and regaining his strength. Praying for a swift recovery

Carol Lilyquist said...

Nice tribute. Told the doctor today that he was ready to go, but the Lord didn't want him yet. The doctor told him that God' has more for him to do yet.

Julie said...

Beautiful tribute for a beautiful man.. Truly inspiring and I hope you do have him in your life for many years to come!

Heather said...

Such a sweet post. I especially love the comment about him not hearing well and not talking too much ... but his presence is always a sweet one. Much love to you!!!!!!

Tracy said...

This post choked me up. I can tell you cherish him, as you should.
I miss my grandparents. You are so blessed to have him still.

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