Monday, September 20, 2010

I am still here...

**Updated with pictures 9/22 --Are you shocked Heidi? :)-

Wow, it has been almost a month since my last post! Yes, I am still here just busy. I should post without waiting to download, edit, upload pictures and then maybe you'd know what is going on in our lives. And so I will start from where I left off.

My last post was getting projects ready for the County Fair. That included me. I have been entering my photography for more years than I can remember, always trying for that elusive first place ribbon. I suppose I should be happy to place at all as I do each year out of many entries. This year I was very picky in my selections. I have learned a few things after talking with judges in the past and going with George to his 4H photography class have learned what they are picky about. My favorite photo of all that I thought might have a chance came in the mail and I was disappointed in the printing but had no time to have it reprinted. I debated entering it at all but I didn't have anything else ready. I also entered one of Tank outside in the snow but I thought his face was a bit blurry. My favorite was a grouping of 4 shots of Missy blue jumping in the lake and then falling down. That ended up getting a second place and when I walked into the building where the photos are kept I saw that I had gotten a 1st place on not one but both of the photos I thought wouldn't make the cut. I was thrilled! After all these years of trying  -- I met my goal. :)

[caption id="attachment_782427" align="aligncenter" width="324" caption="Me with one of my 1st place pictures"][/caption]

We were busy fair week. The boys and I helped setup displays in the 4H building twice that week which was fun as we get to see all the different projects. This is the first year we have been able to be at the fair more than one day as we would normally be racing on Labor day weekend so we enjoyed going most every day for a little while rather than spend an entire day and be worn out. John and George helped serve food at the 4H food stand for 3 hours one day and George loved it, although his Daddy was a bit tired out. It was a good learning experience though and I so enjoyed watching the two of them working together waiting on people.

[caption id="attachment_782426" align="aligncenter" width="324" caption="John and George serving "cold foods" to customers"][/caption]

So that is about all from that week. Labor Day we began our vacation and headed on a week long trip. I will talk about that in the next post. (Hope I didn't bore you with this one!)


Tracy said...

I think it is really neat that you got two first place awards. Your photography is great....i love your pics in the sidebar of the kids.

Heidi said...

Amy I am shocked! LOL I always look forward to reading your blog and go through withdrawls if it's not updated!!!!!
I love your pictures!!!! I have a request! Will you blog about a day in the life of a homeschool mom for all us non homeschoolers! Can we see your classroom? I love that you are able to do that wish I could but it would never work in my house! Keep blogging!

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