Thursday, July 15, 2010

Boys and White Tile Floor

I am very casually starting to potty train Seppy. I have found the summer to work best for this task as I can let the child run around outside with a bare bottom and a long shirt. Seppy however has decided that he doesn't need a shirt to cover him and just runs around with nothing on. We live in the country where there is no one to see him so we're okay there.  His little body has quite a few mosquito bites in places I'd rather not have them but he doesn't notice.

Yesterday Seppy squatted down by the dog pen and left a little present there then excitedly ran into the house announcing it to us with evidence on his hand! Lovely. But it is a start at least and he was so happy to show us the spot. "I'll show you!" he kept repeating.

Today he was headed for the toilet insisting that he stand and lean in the way his friend "No-nan" does. But he made a puddle on the floor instead. I am still wishing that when we installed our white tile flooring in the bathroom that we would have known then what we know now. White tile floor and boys do NOT go together! And to top it off we now have a dog who loves to get through the gate every chance he gets to drink from the ever refreshing toilet water shedding his black hair in the process. Oh well.

Anyway, if I am consistent maybe Sep will get the hang of it in the near future and we will be diaper free! I can't even imagine!!!


Sandpiper said...

I know what you mean about boys and white. I like white things too, I even have white chairs in my living room(Hubby thinks I'm crazy). At least with white things, you can see the dirt and so you know when it needs cleaning.
Anyhow, I haven't been by in a while, but I have a new blog:
Hope things are going well for you! Blessings!

Heather said...

This is so funny. We potty trained our daughter in the same manner. I would have to add though that bare bottom tots and carpet are an even worse combo than boys and white tile.

Tracy said...

Ha! We have white tile in our bathroom too. I totally understand. And Hope would rather run about sans clothing, too, but I'd prefer the neighbors not see her that way standing up in the tree house.

I can't imagine being diaper free. Let me know what it is like :)

Tina said...

I trained mine the same. However I had a neighbor who saw fit to call social services because I allowed my boys to go in the buff...sigh. The nice lady from social services laughed so hard. You see I only had one bathroom and it was upstairs. We had a kiddy potty on the back porch which was hidden by a privacy fence. But boys will be boys. What upset the neighbor was that she witnessed my son and his best bud seeing who could pee the highest on the tree in the yard...they were two!

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